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Just Solitaire: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Just Solitaire?
Just Solitaire is a free game site where you can play full-featured versions of your favorite solitaire games. The site was born in December, 2004. We currently have 20 games but hope to one day feature more than 100!

Why are there new versions of the games?
In 2004 Just Solitaire launched using the best technology, Macromedia Shockwave. But as the years went by, fewer people chose to add Shockwave to their browsers. In addition, new devices like the iPhone and iPad didn't support Shockwave. So we re-engineered Just Solitaire to work without any browser plug-ins required. The new version is different, yes. But it will allow Just Solitaire to work on browsers today as well as in the future. Thanks to this change we hope to renew our efforts to add more games and features to the site.

Why are the new versions better than the old?

  • They work without Shockwave or any other browser plug-ins.
  • They work on devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.
  • They work on Linux desktops, such as Ubuntu.
  • Your game state is automatically saved when you leave the page, and your game continues the then time you return.
  • You can choose different deck styles and backgrounds.
  • New solitaire games will be easier to add, so you can look forward to more games in the near future!

    Can I change game options like the number of cards dealt from the stock in Klondike, whether the cards automatically turn over, or the game background?.
    Yes. Click on the INFO button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on Settings. There you will find many options that can be customized for each game.

    The cards are too small/large.
    The cards will resize to fit any window size. Try enlarging your browser window to change the size of the cards. You can also change the spacing between cards in the Settings.

    When I return to the game I see the end of my old game. How do I start a new one?
    Click the New Game button at the top of the screen.

    The cards run off the bottom of the window.
    When a tableau pile gets really large it may run off the bottom of the window. You can scroll down to view it. You can also change the spacing between cards in the Settings. Another option is to resize your browser window to make it narrow and tall instead of wide and short.

    Can I still play the old Shockwave versions?
    Yes. They are here.

    What do I need to play Just Solitaire?
    A modern computer and web browser, with JavaScript enabled. This would include devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. On computers, we have tested on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

    Is Just Solitaire free to play?
    Yes! We make our money from the small ad banners that appear on the site.

    Who made Just Solitaire?
    Just Solitaire was created by CleverMedia. CleverMedia has more than 100 other free games on the Web. Visit the CleverMedia Network home page to find out more.

    Will any more games be added to Just Solitaire?
    Yes! We plan to add more game variations over the next few months and years. In fact, we plan to keep Just Solitaire growing with new game variations and features indefinitely. So even if you have masted the games we have so far, be sure to check back soon for new ones.

    Can I play Just Solitaire off-line?
    No. Currently Just Solitaire is a Web-only game. You must be actively surfing the Web to play. By using simple ad banners for revenue, we can provide the games for free.

    Why do some of the games have different rules than the rules I am used to?
    There are hundreds of solitaire game variations and thousands of minor variations. Often, a family, group of friends or even a geographical area will come up with its own variation of the rules. So they rules you are used to and the rules at Just Solitaire may be different. We try to use the most commonly-accepted rules for each game.

    Can I suggest a solitaire game to be added to Just Solitaire?
    No need. We are aware of all versions of solitaire and it is our plan to add as many as possible. Chances are that we will get to your favorite variation soon.

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